sweater - madewell
easy jeans - american apparel
scarf - made by my mother
bag - cotton on


I'm never really sure how to start the first post after a bit of a blogging hiatus except to say I'm back! This semester I've had two ongoing blogs as part of my uni assessment, so instead of being the creative escape it usually is, blogging became a bit of a chore and I decided to give this one a bit of a break until I'd finished the other two. They're finally done though, and it's nice to be able to babble on about whatever I want again.

These photos are actually from a few months ago but I never got around to posting them. Sadly, no one could get away with a sweater and jeans in Brisbane at the moment. It's hot and humid and gross and I hate it. However, I don't think the sweater or jeans have been posted before and they're worth sharing so here they are.

I was kind of in the midst of my ten-thousand-prints-and-colours-in-every-outfit phase when I bought the sweater in New York last year, and whilst most of my other purchases from that period have retired to the back of my closet, this sweater is just too good to give up. The cropped length is perfect with these jeans, my babies from Melbourne. I've been hankering after a decent pair of high-waisted black jeans for ages but I waited it out until we went somewhere with an American Apparel so I could try the Easy Jean. I'm glad I did because they're really comfortable, and they look good on. How often do you get that in the one pair of pants? They're also really cheap (although I keep seeing things on the internet complaining how expensive they are... um, just over 100 bucks for jeans is really, really cheap, kids). 

Despite the prolonged break, there isn't really a lot to share about my life since my last post. Uni has been fairly crazy and taken up a lot of time, but I've managed to squeeze in a bit of a social life and a few gigs. If you're interested, I've reviewed BIGSOUND (night one and night two), The Trouble With Templeton and Pluto Jonze

I'll leave it at that for now, but there's book and music posts in the works so STAY TUNED, YO.


Song of the Day: Fireside by Arctic Monkeys