I'm on holidays at the moment and this is pretty much what my life looks like right now. I've been smashing my way through a bunch of books, catching up on magazines, taking the time to make and eat some really delicious food and I've started knitting. I'm making a scarf at the moment.

It's so nice to have some time to myself to relax - I worked really hard last semester at uni and it seems a bit bratty to post my results on the internet but suffice to say I did really well and I'm proud of my efforts which makes it even more satisfying to take a big mental and physical break from it all.

I read Quiet by Susan Cain when we were in Melbourne and it's honestly one of the best books I've read. If you're an introvert (and even if you're not), I highly recommend it. It was a really refreshing perspective on introversion and one you don't often hear - it definitely changed the way I see myself and has had an influence on the way I approach all sorts of situations in regard to my introversion.

I'm reading Jane Eyre at the moment and enjoying it a lot - it's hard to put down! Next on the list is Love In A Cold Climate, has anyone read it? I haven't read any Nancy Mitford before.

Aside from reading, I seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Yesterday I made banana bread and a batch of amazing oatmeal raisin muffins which I may even post the recipe for, they are that good. I bought a jar of almond, brazil nut and cashew spread which is SO GOOD with strawberry jam on rye or sourdough, and I'm starting to document my continued experimentation with oatmeal on my Instagram alongside the rest of my adventures.

Is anyone else on holiday? How are you spending your break? If not, I'm sorry for the obnoxious I'M ON HOLIDAY AND YOU'RE NOT tone you must be getting from reading this.


Song of the Day: The Dream by Thee Oh Sees