I probably feel this way about each and every playlist I post, but right at this moment I feel like this one takes the cake as the best bunch of songs I've posted on this blog. I've been listening to these over and over, so I hope you enjoy them!

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • You're Not The One - Sky Ferreira: It's taken a few years for it to come around but I'm so excited for Ferreira's upcoming debut album, Night Time, My Time. This is the lead single and it's all synth-y and 80s-ish, and super catchy.
  • Fireside - Arctic Monkeys: I've had AM on repeat the past few weeks and though the whole thing is pretty special, Fireside might just be my pick of the album. 
  • Running If You Call My Name - HAIM: Likewise, I've had Days Are Gone on repeat as well and this is one of my highlights. 
  • Scar - Cloud Control: I haven't bought Dream Cave yet but it's on my list because I've loved everything I've heard so far. This song kind of suits every listening occasion?
  • You Are New - The Trouble With Templeton: I've seen this Brisbane band live a few times now and each time I fall a little more in love with them. They're extremely talented, really fun onstage and they manage to have a really varied yet distinctive sound, if that makes any sense - listen to Like A Kid after this one and you'll see what I mean. 
  • Changing Of The Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club: I really like this track. It's definitely recognisable as TDCC but I love the dance-y element that we haven't reeeaally seen from them before.
  • The Funeral - Band of Horses: This is just a really good song.
  • Oh Sailor - Mr Little Jeans: I listen to Mr Little Jeans when I'm stressed and this song is the best for recovering from a uni-induced breakdown.
  • In The Room Where You Sleep - Dead Man's Bones: I was only recently made aware that Ryan Gosling is in a band. A band that actually happens to be really good. Who knew?
  • Two-Headed Boy - Neutral Milk Hotel: My dentist told me to listen to In The Aeroplane Over The Sea and since I did Neutral Milk Hotel has taken over my life. This song possibly made me cry. I am possibly in love with Jeff Mangum. 
Okay. Congrats if you read that. I need to do my PR assignment. I hate PR.