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Can we just take a few moments to appreciate how amazing Sky Ferreira is?

Her style is grunge-meets-high-fashion perfection and there is absolutely no denying that my recent foray into all manner of bright red and dark wine lipsticks was directly brought about by Miss Ferreira. 

Beyond aesthetics, however, lies a wealth of talent and intelligence. Please read one of these amazing articles. Following last year's Ghost EP, Ferreira's debut album Night Time, My Time will be released on October 29. The release of of a full-length album has been several years in the making, and Ferreira has spoken candidly about her experiences in the industry, and the sexism and ageism she's had to deal with. 

Speaking to Stereogum, Ferreira notes that:

"Whenever I do something good, it’s because some guy did it for me supposedly. Or that’s what a lot of it usually says. It’s always someone else. It’s very clear that I couldn’t do it by myself. But everyone has producers, males too. It’s not just a girl who has that."

This Rookie article goes further into the challenges facing women in the music industry, and the very prescriptive type of sexuality female pop musicians are expected to adhere to:

"There’s an unspoken rule. You’re supposed to be sexy, but not in a very forward way. It has to be in a cutesy way."

Whilst there's nothing wrong with 'sexiness' - I have no issue with the overt sexuality of Miley's recent forays as, so far as I'm able to tell, it's been very much her decision (though the racism is another issue for another time) - it's the double standards that exist in the expectations and treatment of males and females in the industry that is frustrating and, well, downright wrong. Tavi adds that:

"You’re supposed to look sexy, so other people can benefit, but you’re not supposed to actually be sexual so that you benefit." 

A couple of weeks ago, The Guardian published this piece by Lauren Mayberry, of CHVRCHES, calling out on the online misogyny she and other female musicians are subjected to, and earlier this year Solange and Grimes posted their frustrations online. Although it's totally gross that these are even issues to begin with, and it seems overly optimistic to expect drastic and/or rapid changes, hopefully the discussion of these problems might lead to something down the track - or just make some of those people in positions of power to think twice.