I'm feelin' pretty sleepy and worn out today so I decided it was a good day to benefit from the creativity of others share the love. Instagram is the social media channel of choice today as I've become a wee bit of an obsessive - a year or so late but c'est la vie. These lovely profiles continually light up my feed!

Claire - the gypsy hart - provides my daily dose of wanderlust and tranquility with a side of pretty food.

Hollie's blog, Ditzy and Whimzy makes me so jealous due to my lack of grooviness and her abundance of it but I follow her on Instagram anyway.

The lovely Jaymie blogs at By Jaymie and sells her beautiful illustrated wears at Jewellery by Jaymie.

Kathy blogs at half agony and she Instagrams (is that a verb?) an array of yummy food, good reads and pretty clothes.

Russh is unequivocally my favourite magazine and everything they post is hip and rad and swell and all manner of positive adjectives.

Please share your favourite Instagrams and your own. Mine is @elizabuzacott!

I'm continuing with the relaxation by heading to the movies this afternoon. I haven't managed to see the Great Gatsby yet but that will change in a couple of hours. I've heard very good things and very bad things, but at least if all else fails I know the costuming and soundtrack will be superb. 

The amazing Ball Park Music are the reason for my lack of sleep, kicking off their Thank Ewes tour last night in Brisbane. It was seriously such a rockin' show, I went by myself and I'm almost glad I did because I got right up the front where I could dance the night away alongside all the other eager beavers. Support came courtesy of Eagle and the Worm and Jeremy Neale. I am a little obsessed with Jeremy Neale's music so it was wonderful to see him live again, and I found that I actually knew a bunch of Eagle and the Worm songs without realising it. Definitely one of the best gigs I've been to in a while!

Hopping on the Bloglovin' bandwagon, you can follow me here if you'd like to keep up with my updates (I've only got 44 followers there at the moment - sad face!). There is also an option to import all of your followers but I'm not quite sure how I did it... so, uh, maybe Google it?


Song of the Day: Sea Strangers (I Don't Really Know You) by Ball Park Music (They're playing this song for the LAST TIME EVER LIVE on this tour)