After a week of opting for a good old muesli/yoghurt/banana combo whipped up and consumed in the hotel room, we ventured out for breakfast on the morning of our last day in Melbourne to the lovely Caffe e Torta on Little Collins Street, just inside the Block Arcade. It was chosen on a whim partly by how groovy it looked, though the lighting inside was very dim so none of those photos worked out very well. You'll just have to take my word for it.

All three of us started off with freshly squeezed juice - my brain is testing me right now but I'm pretty sure it was orange, ginger and... something else. My mother went for mushrooms, feta and poached egg on sourdough rye and my dad went for 'Eggs Italiano.' They both looked equally delicious and by all accounts tasted just as swell. I went for (the incredibly dull choice of) a bowl of porridge with banana, cinnamon and maple syrup, but it was worth being unadventurous because it was SO GOOD.

I don't know why I felt the need to spell that all out for you, but I guess I just really like talking about food so there you go. I also don't really know what else to write because I've spent all weekend at work and, lets face it, food is far more interesting than work.

This is turning into psychobabble so I'm going to put an end to this post and wish you all a lovely week!


Song of the Day: A Certain Romance by Arctic Monkeys

~pls be prepared for all my blog posts to be named after arctic monkeys songs for the next 3995872 weeks they have been on replay since do i wanna know? was released~