shoes - windsor smith
bag  - old

I have been living in a uniform of shift dresses and sandals for the past month or so. Given my lifelong aversion to anything that isn't high waisted and tight around my middle, it seems quite odd that I've become so attached to this style of dress, but I must say, when I put one of these on, I do not miss the constrictive nature of, well, pretty much everything else I own. So easy to throw on, and  it's an outfit that works for anywhere. I've taken this baby to uni, brunch, out at night (this is as 'sexy' as my clubbing outfits get), out for dinner and to the petrol station. Although I do feel a little like a walking teenage cliche because at the moment every girl and her dog is wearing a shift dress in Brisbane. But live and let live. 

I hope you all had a great long weekend. 


Song of the Day: Twisted by Fractures