went to Mooloolaba for a long weekend

went shopping while on holiday

loving shift dresses for uni

just finished an assignment on The Sartorialist

been listening to lots of music and reading lots of books

fro-yo before uni with friends

smoothies before 8 am lectures

post-gym treats

Hey pals!

I've been stupidly busy with uni lately, but luckily this long weekend I've got a bit of time to post/queue a couple of things, so yippee for that! But I decided that a little 'life update' by way of Instagram might be a good interlude.

I think the last time I posted was just before I went to Mooloolaba for the weekend! The weather was absolutely divine, and I spent the weekend shopping up a storm and stuffing my face with mocha frappucinos and frozen yoghurt. Funny story, though, we were actually up there watching my dad compete in a triathlon, and on the Sunday morning while my mum and I were watching, I fainted! It was so embarrassing, they took me to the medical tent and I spent the rest of the day holed up in our apartment watching Gossip Girl and reading Persuasion, for fear someone would recognise me as 'the girl that fainted.'

I'm well and truly back in the swing of things at uni now, and I'm really enjoying three of my four subjects, so that's not a bad ratio. I just finished an assignment on globalisation/media convergence/all that jazz last night and I chose to focus on Scott Schuman, so that was really interesting.

Aside from uni, I've decided to train for a 10 km fun run in August, so I've also been running, riding and going to the gym. I like to exercise anyway, but I'm really excited because I absolutely LOVE to run so it's nice to have a goal.

I also turned nineteen, which is way too old for my liking, but I figure cake and presents make up for turning a year older.

I hope everyone is well and massive congratulations if you got through all that babble.


Song of the Day: 'Entertainment' by Phoenix