(one, two)

If you're Australian, you probably already know about this, but I thought I'd pop up a blog post for those overseas because I think what I'm showing you is pretty groovy (or maybe it was just an excuse to post photos of Lara 'I'm-the-most-perfect-human-being-in-existence' Stone).

Vogue Australia is currently in the midst of it's 'Model Series'; five collectable issues of the magazine, running from March - July 2013. The series will feature five of the world's current top supermodels, and the cover-ladies are revealed as each issue is released.

Vogue is making a pretty big deal of this series, with a special 'Model Series' box available with the April issue of the magazine (on sale now), and rightly so. It's been a while since Vogue has done anything that gives me that wonderful bubbly feeling of excitement, but after last month's issue, I've fallen back in love with the magazine, and I'm sincerely looking forward to the rest of these collectable issues.

As you may have already guessed, the star of the first in the series was the inimitable and irreplaceble Lara Stone. A fitting choice, in my opinion, especially for the launch issue. Lara has certainly been one of the defining faces of the past four or five years and the editorial inside is stunning.

The April issue went on sale earlier this week, and though I haven't picked up a copy yet (uni student probz - waitin' til I get paid), I really love the look of the cover, starring Australian miss, Miranda Kerr. I'm not the hugest Kerr fan myself, and I don't love her shoot as much as Lara's, but there is no denying that as far as 'successful Australian models' go, she has one of the biggest international profiles at the moment.

(one, two)

I'm looking forward to seeing which models are featured in the rest of the series, and I'd love to hear your opinion. Personally, I'd love to see someone a little vintage, but still kicking around, featured, like Stella Tennant or Emma Balfour. As far as other successful Australians, I think Julia Nobis or Abbey Lee Kershaw could certainly fit right in, and Natalia Vodianova would be my dream  international pick, but who really knows, eh? What do you guys think?