all photos from nora's blog

Hello friends!

I must apologise for my unexplained absence over the past week or so. I went back to uni a couple of weeks ago, and on top of my mounting assessment, I've got a few internships going on as well! So, as well as a general lack of time, I'm also spending a lot of time writing these days, so when I get a brief break (usually my blogging time!), I'm more up for losing myself in a book or a movie, than writing more.

In saying that, I want to keep my blog going through the semester, so I'll be doing the very best I can with that! I'm not going anywhere.

Except Mooloolaba, I'm going there for the weekend!

Today I wanted to share Nora's blog with you! I've been following Nora for a year or so now and I love the variety of her posts, they're a wonderful mix of fashion, travel, food and friends. After her recent trip to Berlin, I've put it right at the top of my must-travel-to list! She also shares movies and music on occasion, which I love, I've found so many of my favourites through fellow bloggers. You can find her blog here.