Going through my old magazines the other week, I stumbled upon this issue of Russh - Issue 20 from January/February 2008. It was the first issue I bought and the beginning of an ongoing obsession with not only Russh (though Russh will always hold a place in my heart as The Magazine That Started It All), but all manner of arty magazines that continue to bankrupt me to this day. Over the years, Russh has introduced me to the work of many of my favourite contemporary artists and photographers, including Elle Muliarchyk and Ryan McGinley, provided entertaining interviews and profiles on a hugely broad range of talented people, and always, always, inspired me to be my most creative self.

I decided to share a couple of images from the issue that started it all. It makes me feel a little nostalgic, actually. I can remember how enamored I was with this issue the first time I read it at the age of thirteen. It's still one of my all time favourites.

On a side note, I've started about three different posts this week and fallen asleep before completing any of them, so publishing this is a huge achievement. I had my four wisdom teeth out on Tuesday and I'm still feeling fairly ordinary, but on the upside I've been repeatedly making my way through a thoroughly enjoyable cycle of Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter more times in the last three days than ever before in my life (and, believe me, that's a lot). Although, I'd love some more movie suggestions, if anyone has watched anything worthwhile recently?


Song of the Day: Mirrored Sea - Passion Pit