top - romance was born
shorts - topshop
brogues - nu & nan @ general pants
bag - mulberry
hat - morgan & taylor @ myer


Happy New Year! It feels a little late to be saying this (IT'S ALREADY THE FOURTH OF JANUARY??), but I hope you all had a swell night, and that 2013 has gotten off to a brilliant start. 

Anyway, the above top is my latest treasure. I adore Romance Was Born, so when I saw this top, on sale for half-price, on Boxing Day, I really couldn't go past it. It has slipped so easily into my wardrobe, so despite the still-slightly-steep price, I am so not regretting buying it. Although, barring my Alexa, it is the most expensive thing I own, so I am trying to treat the delicate fabric very kindly!

Of course, the first thing I had to pair it with was my wonderful, perfect, brilliant and amazing Topshop shorts from New York. The green and orange top picked up the colours in the shorts so well! Then I decided I might as well go the whole hog and chuck on my floral brogues. Rockin' the tri-print, yo.

What have you guys been up to? I saw Bombay Bicycle Club last night. They were amazing! So good. It was a really, really, really great show. It was an all-ages show though, so my friend and I did feel a little old, which was kind of funny. And after waiting around for aaaaaages at Ball Park Music a few months ago, we decided to rock up at about 7.30 (doors opened at 6.30), which sadly meant we missed some of the support act, Paper Kites (they're really good, look them up if you don't know them). So there is a lesson learnt! All ages = early start. Regardless, it was a really great night! 

Anyway, I won't bore you any more. Hope you're having a super week!


Song of the Day: Shuffle - Bombay Bicycle Club