dress - cotton on
bag - mulberry
boots - topshop

I've been thrashing this outfit lately. I talked earlier about my growing appreciation for simple shapes and neutral colours, and I guess this outfit is another example of that. I've never really been one for denim but lately I've started to understand the appeal of a well-cut pair of blue or black jeans, or, a chambray shirt or dress. This dress is so comfortable and flattering, easy to chuck on with whatever shoes/bags/accessories/cover-ups I throw at it.

This past week or so, I've been keeping the supporting cast fairly simple. I bought these beautiful Topshop Adonis boots on a bit of a whim in New York. They were quite expensive and I wore them very little throughout winter, but I've finally realised their potential and they've become a fairly permanent fixture in my daily outfits lately. I have always been a little afraid of ankle boots because I worry that they tend to make my legs look a little short and chunky, but the neutral colour and decent heel, I think, make these more flattering. The cut out detail is, on a practical note, great for wearing with bare legs in summer because it means my feet don't get so horribly hot and uncomfortable, and they also work well with socks or tights underneath in winter. And on a less practical note, the cut-outs look suuUUuuUUuuUUuuper cool. 

What have you guys been up to lately? Yesterday was Australia Day and all I did was listen to the triple j Hottest 100. I have no national pride. Although I did hit the town with my friends last night and I am quite tired now! I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, so you can probably expect to see me around a little more this week as I wallow in self pity and self medicate with plenty of ice cream and internet. 

On that note, I was wondering if anyone had any feedback/ideas/preferences for my posting. I guess at the moment, my main blog post 'subjects' tend to be outfit posts, music playlists, inspiration or style icon posts, or bits and bobs from my life (mostly revolving around food or magazines). I would really like to know what you enjoy most or perhaps find a little dull. And any ideas would be appreciated too! Just to keep things fresh and fun :-)

Have a lovely week!