blouse - zara
skirt - topshop
ballet flats - diana ferrari
bag - mulberry
nail polish - i don't gossip so listen by chi chi

First, here is my BAAAAAABY in its first ever outfit post.

I have been wearing this blouse and this skirt everywhere lately. I picked up the top in San Francisco a few days before we flew home, and I am SO GLAD I did because it's pretty and it goes with everything and it's superb for this icky cold/hot/cold/hot/cold weather we've been having. The skirt was one of my Topshop buys and after being worn to death in America it's being... worn to death in Australia. It's the most flattering shape in the world and ISN'T IT CUTE?

I found this nail polish last weekend in the bargain bin, so I scooped it up because I've been looking for a pale grey. This one is definitely a winner, the colour is really lovely and the formula seems good too. I put it on yesterday so we'll see how long it lasts!

Last night I went to 'The Great Debate' at QPAC, which was a part of the Brisbane Writer's Festival. The topic was 'Reading the Bible is good for you.' It was very interesting, very funny, and definitely thought provoking. The negative team of Rachel Sommerville, Jacqui Payne and Benjamin Law, won, which I think was deserved. Rachel Sommerville is a private investigator working in California and her argument regarding 'lock-up town' in the USA was brilliant. It was also great to hear Benjamin Law, I think he's so hilarious. Germaine Greer, Bob Katter and Richard Holloway were on the affirmative team. Richard Holloway and Germaine Greer both spoke very well.

By the way, LOOK AT MY HAIR. The ombre bits I had earlier this year are making a reappearance and I'm undecided as to whether I want to leave it be or help it along a little because I really want my ombre back. I don't care if the trend is over, it's pretty.

Anyway, I have A LOT of assessment at the moment, so I should definitely get back to that.