skirt - topshop
alexa bag - mulberry 

My baby arrived yesterday and I'm suUuUuUuUuper excited. I've been saving for a Mulberry Alexa for an insane amount of time (especially when you factor in trips to Melbourne and America... those things swallow up money!) but a few weeks ago I finally got to the stage where I could afford to take the leap.

Perfect shape, perfect size, perfect colour. I love it, and have been carting it everywhere with me for the past 36 hours. I'm so thrilled.

My advice for anyone looking to make an investment purchase overseas is to compare prices. I was originally going to go the safest route and purchase the bag from the official Mulberry site, but Harrods turned out to be a lot cheaper after the VAT was removed. And, on that note, I can definitely recommend Harrods for online shopping. It was easy to track my order and though the suggested shipping time was 10 - 12 working days, mine arrived in just 6.

Can't wait to wear it with EVERYTHING I own.