sweater - thrifted
skirt - living doll
brogues - sandler
bag - vintage
stone necklace - tree of life
cat necklace and beaded necklace - not sure

I'm going to America in a few days. I'll be able to blog from over there, hopefully a little more frequently than I have been lately. Picked up this skirt and a pleated navy (faux) leather skirt to take with me as I needed a few versatile things to go with everyyyyyything. I think I've got my packing list sorted. I'm leaving plenty of room for travel purchases. 

I changed university courses to a Bachelor of Journalism, still majoring in fashion. I'm looking forward to it, I think it's more me than Entertainment Industries. 

Not much else to report. Last week I didn't leave my house. This week I've been catching up with school and university friends before I leave. Thrilling stuff.

I downloaded the Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet soundtrack last night, IT'S SO GOOD. I have Talk Show Host stuck in my head, buhh buh, buhh, buhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Ciao Brisbane, not going to miss you at all.


PS I updated my about me page, ISN'T IT COOL?