I've been so busy with assessment lately that any intention of blog posts that require more than about ten minutes of effort have flown out the window.

But, I've been relying heavily on groovy magazines to get me through my current study, and the above two have been fulfilling my needs perfectly.

Still not quite sure what country Bon Magazine is from, but I think it might be Sweden. Anyway, it's a fantastic read and I'll be tracking it down in the future for sure.

I've ogled Tank Magazine from afar for quite some time, but usually gone with i-D or Oyster or the like in the past, but last week I bought myself a copy, and it's just so good.

I think the thing I like best about these magazines is that they both make for intelligent reading. It frustrates me no end when people write off fashion, art, music etc as something entirely frivolous for people who can't make it in the 'real world'. I know that Karl Lagerfeld isn't finding the cure for cancer but that doesn't mean he isn't a genius.

Anyway, I'll get off my high horse and get back to my current reality of looming essay deadlines. Such an exciting life!