top - american apparel
shorts - topshop
loafers - basque
sunglasses - american apparel
karma necklace - dogeared

Outfit post feat. Christiana in Lancaster County. 

This is entirely made up of pieces that I bought while in New York. I went a little crazy and I'm pretty sure that everything I bought had some kind of wacky print on it, but these two are definitely up there among my favourites. It might be a little hard to tell in the photos but my blouse is covered in cats and my shorts are covered in swans. It's an animal bonanza!

I also managed to finally find a pair of sunglasses I like, for a mere $20. I am PROUD of myself.

I thought I might do a few posts like this - outfit post combined with travel photos. These were taken in Christiana, which is.... somewhere.... in Lancaster County, PA. We stayed in a town called Lititz which was super cute, and spent a couple of says travelling around to nearby areas. It was such a beautiful area, and it was lovely to spend some time out in the fresh air after the craziness of New York. 

Hope you are all well :)