top - vintage
pants - verge
bag - vintage
shoes - topshop
lipstick - siren by revlon


Wow, quick mid week post! This is a surprise :)

This is what I wore to a friends 18th a few weeks ago. It feels so weird going to 18th parties. It makes me realise that in four or five months, it will be me turning 18. An adult! 

Anyway, I bought this vest in Melbourne. I love it. The denim is quite worn so it is very soft and tucks into things well. I bought these pants at the beginning of the year, and unfortunately they shrunk in the wash and were too small, so I didn't wear them again for a long time. Recently, however,  I pulled them out and put them on, and, lo and behold, they fitted me. Thanks Pilates! They're still a little bit 'cropped' though, but I don't really mind. It means I can show off my shoes. And this is the other lipstick I mentioned on the weekend, the orange one. It's great, so bright.

I have been listening to this song on repeat:

Hope you are having a swell week.