hi there.

top - vintage
pants - myer
scarf - just jeans (several years ago...)
cardigan - rescued from mum's rubbish pile
shoes - topshop
bag - vintage

Just a quick outfit post from the weekend! I'm generally a bit hesitant to wear these pants as they are a really skinny fit. Admittedly though, they are very comfortable and provided I wear them with a looser top I think they're quite nice. They're also the perfect thickness for spring, so maybe I'll try and get them out a little more as it warms up!

I love these brogues. I bought them a few years ago in London. They always seem to get comments when I wear them. They look good with anything, no joke.

I really don't have much else to say... I'm so busy with schoolwork at the moment, but I make it my little goal to get out once a weekend to take a few outfit shots. It's a nice study break!

And one last thing, I encourage you all to visit Annalise's blog at lovelissie.wordpress.com. She's only just started blogging, but I can already tell that her blog is going to be amazing. So if you know what good for you, pay her a visit :)