sweet georgia brown.

overalls - vintage
bodysuit - from myer
hat - vintage
bag - oroton
loafers - basque

As soon as I got home from school this afternoon I dashed outside to take a few photos. The light was really beautiful, coming in through the trees, and the temperature was perfect. I'm so glad it's starting to warm up a little! Hard to believe that I was able to venture out this afternoon at 4.30pm without any sleeves on.

Anyway, I bought these overalls a little while ago, but sadly we were just going into winter, and I really do think they look better by themselves, with no jackets or anything distracting or adding bulk, so I haven't gotten much wear out of them - yet. They're so comfy, but I guess the trick it to try and keep them a little polished. No flannel shirts or working boots - it's patent shoes, dainty handbag and dressy hat all the way with these babies! I even tried to tame my hair into looking 'smooth' and 'sleek', which are not words in my hair's vocabulary.

Ok, if I'm getting to the stage of giving my hair a voice, I know I'm rambling, so I'll stop. Have a lovely weekend, and spare a thought for me! I'll be slaving away on my blasted modern history assignment :(