black milk.

top - sussan
tights - black milk
boots (which you can't see....) - wouldn't have a clue
scarf - witchery
bag - vintage


I think I mentioned in my last post that I'm helping out at Black Milk. It's a heap of fun and really interesting to see how a small-ish fashion design business operates. Yesterday I finally got to buying myself a few pairs of tights (Seriously, check them out. They're incredible!). The pair I'm wearing above are the Cathedrals. I also bought a pair of Original Galaxies which you'll see in an outfit post very, very, soon (I've already taken the photos, hehe).   

I know that I've said previously that I can't stand black opaque tights, but one thing I do love is printed leggings. They're surprisingly versatile and easy to throw on with an oversized top and a pair of boots for a warm but flattering outfit. 

The top and boots are both quite old - I haven't worn either of them all that much lately so it's good to be able to give them a new lease of life.

Aaaand, I won't babble on and bore you.

Have a lovely day!