wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins.

dress - from Vietnam
trench coat - sussan
shoes - basque
bag - vintage

Today was hectic. I rode my bike early this morning, then left for work at half past seven, and didn't get home until way after six. I'm a little exhausted now. On the upside, however, that is an extra ninety-six dollars that I didn't have this morning.

Of course, leaving early and arriving home late meant that I had no light, or time, to take outfit photos, but I'm really loving dressing up for working, so I just had to share my outfit with you. I just had to be a little creative with my photos. I've seen this kind of outfit post on other blogs and I quite like it. It's a little different, so it might become an occasional feature here as well. I got this dress made in Vietanm last year, and I absolutely adore the colour and the shape, from the front. However, I'm not such a fan of the back of it, so it doesn't get much wear in summer, but I've got a few more outfit planned for the next few months with it, involving longer coats and cardigans. The trench came from the sale rack of Sussan. That place is an absolute mecca for buying basics on sale, and I think this one cost me about $5.

I don't really have much planned that's very exciting in the near future. I'm getting my ombred on Wednesday. I know I'm a bit late to catch onto the trend, but trust me, I live in Brisbane, where trends tend to catch on four years after they've gone out everywhere else. I'm hoping to a get at least a little bit of sewing done this weekend, as schoolwork and everything else has just made it impossible lately.

Anyway, I'm off to sleep. Hope you're having a lovely week.


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