they brought me back to see my way with you.

top - dug up from the depths of my wardrobe
jeans - sass and bide
sandals - witchery
bag - vintage
hat - dotti
belt - also dug up from the depths of my wardrobe
cat necklace - from raggedy anne
bag necklace - from the suitcase rummage

I went to my mother's work to do help out and earn a bit of extra money, so today's outfit needed to be practical. I hate being practical, but I think I did an alright job. I hardly ever wear these jeans, and I'm not sure why. They're extremely comfortable and (I think) they look good. Maybe they'll get a bit of wear this winter. This is the bag I bought on Sunday, and though you can't really see it, the bag necklace (it opens and shuts like a real bag!) is also from the Suitcase Rummage.

On a side note, please don't think I'm going all 'emo' on you because I'm wandering around with my fringe in my eyes. It needs trimming but I tried to do it anyway. I ended up pulling it back after I took the photos because it was so irritating, and I also saw how funny it looked in some of the photos, haha.

The quality of the photos isn't great, I'm sorry, because the shadows weren't being co-operative, but I couldn't find anywhere else nearby that would house a camera on a tripod. Then I tried to mess around editing them and they got a little bit sad. But at least now you can see me, rather then before the editing, when they were so dark that I was a silhouette, haha.

I've been so bust lately that I just haven't gotten to checking out all of your lovely blogs, but I assure you, I will get there within the next week, once life slows down a little. It's just running away from me at the moment!