maybe together we can get somewhere.

dress - vintage
hat - just jeans
bag - vintage
shoes - from myer
necklace - a gift from my grandfather

Today I got back from a four-day, fifty-kilometre hike through the Sunshine Coast Hinterland with a 20 kilogram pack on my back, for school camp. I'm ridiculously tired (so that's why this post will probably make no sense), and my muscles are screaming. We had pouring rain the first day and a half, which successfully soaked everything, but by the last night, we were actually having, gulp, fun. Although that little bit of fun still wasn't worth the back-ache; wet food, clothes and shoes; and freezing nights, trust me.

Anyway, I'm back now, and luckily, I never have to do another school camp as long as I live. Thank goodness! Back to showers, and beds, and houses, and food cooked on a real stove! It's like heaven.

These are just a couple of photos I took last week that I didn't end up having the time to put up. I bought this dress at the Suitcase Rummage. It's so floaty and pretty and girly, I love it. I was going to chop it off to make it a bit shorter, but after wearing it and seeing the photos, I can't decide anymore. I kind of like it long, but I also love short dresses! What's your opinion?

Well, I desperately need some sleep, so I'm off. Hope you're having a lovely week.