cruel professor, studying romances.

t-shirt - vintage
skirt - sportsgirl
black ballet flats - myer
briefcase - vintage
hat - dotti
necklace - from raggedy anne

This was today's outfit. I absolutely love this Betty Boop shirt (it featured a few weeks ago). I fell in love with this skirt at the end of last year, but sadly I've seen it on several people when I've been out and about, so I don't tend to wear it as much as I might. Shame, as it's a really lovely, soft, comfy skirt. It's a little bit hard to see my necklace, but it's a ceramic cat, I got it for my birthday, and adore it. I love this briefcase, it's god knows how many years old, but I think it looks so smart.

I've been reading a few really interesting books lately, that have had quite an impact on my and my approach to clothes. Expect a post in the next few days, I can't wait to share my thoughts with you all.

Today I went to the op-shop, where I got quite a good haul, and the shopping centre to pick up a pair of shoes. I can't wait to show them off, luckily everything I bought goes together just perfectly, so tomorrow will be one of those lovely "I'm-wearing-a-new-outfit!" days! Speaking of tomorrow, it will involve the Suitcase Rummage, and a possible visit to Supanova to meet Tom Felton. Anyone who knows me will tell you I'm a little obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies, so I'm quite excited.

Blogging should be a bit more regular over the next month or so, as well. I'll actually have time to blog, which should be fantastic.

Hope you have a brilliant weekend.