the absolute wishlist.

As a seventeen-year old girl attending a private school in Brisbane, Australia, I often fantastise about what it would be like to go to school at a place where school uniforms were not required. As it stands, at my school having the wrong earrings in can land you a detention after school, so sadly the chances of this ever happening are extremely unlikely. Instead, I prefer to while away my fashion-thought time by dreaming about next year, when I'm able to wear whatever I like to uni, or decining what I would wear to school, if I were allowed.

In my wonderful dreamland of free-dress schools, the following outfits are prime examples of what my weekly wardobe would entail.



All photos made by me on polyvore.

I can imagine that for those girls who do live overseas and have to wear their own clothes to school everyday, it can get a little tiring thinking up things to wear. Heels are probably highly inappropriate and looking too 'fashion' may earn you stares. I wouldn't know! Either way, as I said, these outfits are something akin to what I'd wear Monday to Friday, in my own little dreamland. If only uniforms and money would permit, right?

Did anyone else watch the Royal Wedding last night? I thought it was just so exciting. Kate Middleton looked beautiful and radiant, and Sarah Burton did an amazing job on her dress. It was classy and elegant without being stuffy; perfect for a future King's bride. My most warm and fuzzy congratulations go to the happy couple.