stranded in the fog of words.

I finally finished my skirt last weekend, and this is the end result! I'm really happy with it. It's girly and twirly and lovely to wear. It took quite some time to make as I was on limited sewing time across the school term, and for some reason the holidays were rather hectic as well. But, I've finally finished, and I've learnt some valuable skills along the way. I'm not a bona-fide zipper and pocket skirt-inserter!

I decided to take some photos of myself wearing it for you, and I just couldn't help but spin around in front of the camera. I kind of like the blurred effect that the spinning created, it really shows the movement and excitement I was feeling at having finally finished the skirt. And yes, as you can see, I still haven't quite got the hang of hiding the remote as I take photos ;)

I've been extraordinarily busy lately, and I will be for the next three or four months, but I'll still be around, don't worry! I noticed that I've lost a couple of followers, which I've put down to the fact that I just haven't had much of an online presence lately. Trust me, I've still been catching up with your blogs and enjoying them, I just don't have the time to comment a lot of the time. Even if I don't get the chance to reply to your comment, rest assured, I'll check out your blog, and if I love it (which I usually do...) I'll make an extra big effort to let you know!

Tomorrow I have to fit in two days worth of study, as on Sunday I'm off to the Mother's Day Classic, followed by the Suitcase Rummage, and finally a picnic for my friend's birthday in the afternoon. So once I get through tomorrow I have a lovely day of rest from schoolwork, which will be much appreciated, let me assure you!

Anyway, I feel like I'm boring you with useless information about my life, so I'll leave it at that, and let the photos do the talking.

I hope you're having a beautiful and slightly less stressful week than me!