woven stories.

Web definitions of 'scarf':
  1. A long, often knitted, garment worn around the neck.
  2. A headscarf.
  3. A type of joint in woodworking.
  4. Something I own far too many of...

The thing I, and so many others, love about vintage clothing, apart from the fact that it's unique, affordable, and incredibly rewarding to shop for, is the piece of history that comes along with the garment. What might appear to be just an elegant evening gown, a pair of battered but incredible shoes, or a simple chain necklace, seems to become so much more when it's bought second hand.

I try and apply this philosophy of clothing telling a story, and serving as a memory holder, to all of my wardrobe, but this time it's not someone else's story, it's my own. 

The above photos are of mine and my mother's collection of scarves. Not all of them are worn often; some, not at all, but they have their own stories and memories that sit alongside them, and that's why they'll remain in our wardrobes, long after we cease wearing them.

But the thing is, I'm not sure we'll, or at least, I'll, ever cease wearing them. I have a slight obsession with scarves. They can be worn so many different ways, and they always add something to an outfit. A pair of jeans and a white tee becomes a stylish ensemble with the addition of a beautiful scarf around the neck. A tired old leather bag is transformed when you add a bright coloured scarf around the handle. A silky scarf knotted around the head turns a bad hair day into an amazing hair day. Not to mention, it's easy to find unique patterns and high quality fabrics for bargain prices at second hand shops or markets.

How do you wear your scarves? Do you have any really special items of clothing?


By the way, because I'm so busy with school, I've decided to put my efforts into creating blog posts that I've really planned out and though about, rather than higgledy-piggledy posts here and there, so that my blog continues to make for interesting reading. So don't stress, I'm not going anywhere, but if I happen to not update for a week, it's because I'm working on something special ♥