to market, to market.

Hello :)

Quick middle-of-the-week post! These are a couple of photos from the weekend. Mum and I walked down to the local markets on Sunday morning, and I took my camera along. It was so stinking hot though, that, I think I spent most of the time we were down there in the newsagency, in the comfort of the air-conditioner, so I didn't end up taking many photos. I'll have to go back next month, when it's a bit cooler and try and get some more better snaps.

When it's not really hot, I love going down to the markets. It's not quite as good, now that I can't taste all the samples, because of my food intolerance's, but it's still fun to look at all the crafts, and soak up the community kind of atmosphere that you only really find at the markets.

I'm wearing a the skirt a made a few months ago, it's lovely and comfortable and cool to wear in summer (which was entirely necessary on Sunday); a black bodysuit, my straw boater with a scarf tied around it, my Paris scrabble-letter necklace, and 'market-bags' from overseas! The brown one is from Tesco and the blue one is from the Royal Yacht Brittania in Edinburgh. In Britain it's probably laughable to carry around a Tesco bag, but I love the little things like that, things that remind me of our holiday there a few years ago.

That's all from me for now! School is craaazy at the moment, but I'm enjoying it, oddly enough. I'm so relieved that I decided to drop Art for English Extention; I'm having heaps more fun doing my kind of art at home, sewing, fashion illustration and the such, and English Extention is amazing. I'm reading Animal Farm by George Orwell for my first piece of assessment, and if you haven't read it yet, I one hundred per cent recommend you do. I love it. Yesterday, in class, we read The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, and looked at it. It was all I could do not to cry, it was such a lovely story. I'm not really religious, so you can definitely get the gist of the story without believing in God, so if you've got a spare five minutes, brighten up your day by reading it here.

Okay, I'll try and keep my dorky love of schoolwork and literature to a minimum in future!

Hope you're having a lovely week,