skirt slash patterns.

Haaay guys,

Sorry I've been so sporadic with my updates, I'm getting on here as much as I can with grade twelve and everything going on!

The top five photos show what I'm working on at the moment, my calf-length, checked (in the magazine they've made it out of tweed), full-skirt. I've been busy with schoolwork, so it's a slow process, but last weekend I sewed all the pieces together, and added one of the pockets. Hopefully this afternoon, and if not, then definitely tomorrow, I'll be able to get a bit more done on it, and put up some more photos to give you a better idea of how it's going. I got a little excited at the prospect of having sewn a pocket, as I've never done that before, so that's my excuse for the pocket photos, haha :)

While I was working on my skirt, my mum went though some of her old patterns. Sadly she's thrown out a heap of them over the years, but there are still some pretty fantastic retro patterns. Most of them are in size's too big for me, but there are one or two that are all sizes, and I think a couple of the pieces will translate well as oversized-style clothes. I really love the short-sleeved dress in the top pattern photo, and the bottom pattern; I think the big bows are really cute ♥