the room.

I was just playing around with my camera the other day after charging the batteries, and I took a couple of photos of my 'study,' and decided to share them with you.

You can see just the tip of my messy, messy workspace in the top photo, then some of the paintings I did when I was younger, a heap of my little decorations from here and there on top of the bookshelf, of course my beloved bookshelf itself, Cd's (although the music I listen to nowadays is more off the net than from Cd's), my diorama, the dollhouse my dad made me, when I turned, I'm not sure, maybe three or four, and my Disney Princess bin, haha.

It's not much, and there's actually one side of the room you can't see in the photos, but this is the room where the blogging happens!

I started my research today on Catherine the Great, and she's such an interesting woman. There are so many conflicting issues surrounding her, my favourite (of course) is the mystery as to whether or not she ordered the murder of her husband. I can already see myself getting lost in a-million-things-to-say-but-too-short-a-word-limit-to-say-them.

In music today we looked at Erik Satie, and listened to a couple of his songs. The only thing he wore was purple suits, and he lived in a one-bedroom apartment his entire life!

There are the two songs we listened to today. The top one is Gymnopedie No. 1, and the second is Gnossienne No. 1.

Aren't they lovely?