Hey guys,

My mum went away on the weekend, so it was just me and my dad on Saturday night for dinner. I decided that it would be fun to actually put a bit of effort into dinner (and dessert!), and this was the result. In the latest issue of one of the many magazines we subscribe to in our household, there were recipes for 'maple glazed salmon' and 'mocha cinnamon chocolate pudding', which is what became our menu.

The salmon was easy-peasy: a bit of maple syrups, a bit of vinegar and some orange zest mixed together in a bowl. Brush that on the salmon; stick it in an oven heated to 240 degrees for six minutes, take it out and brush again, then put it back in for six more minutes and you're done.

We had it with a salad that, going on my memory, had leaves, tomato, feta, carrot, mushrooms and walnuts, with tahini and whole-egg mayonnaise on top.

The chocolate pudding was a bit more complicated so I won't put it up. It looked quite lumpy, even though it tasted amazing, so I didn't bother taking any photos, because they just wouldn't have done it justice, hehe.

Are you interested in seeing more food and cooking kind of posts? I love cooking, and now that I've got all my intolerance's, it's a bit more of a challenge, and I feel quite proud when I make something that tastes delicious!

As per usual, school is hectic and life is crazy, but I hope you're all having a lovely week!