lance and robbie.

Hello all,

Sorry, I've been in a bit of a whirlwind the past few days! School went back today, so it's back to reality for me now, although I've got another two days off before lessons actually start, which is good.

This is kind of unrelated to anything I've had on the blog before, but I love watching cycling events, so I was really excited when I heard that Lance Armstrong and Robbie McEwen would be involved in a charity ride here in Brisbane to raise money for the flood victims. I wasn't able to take part or watch because I had school, but the ride went straight past my mother's work, so here are a couple of photos that one of the men she works with, James Scott, took:

That's Anna Bligh, the premier, in the pink cycling jersey. It looked like a lot of fun, for a good cause!

As I said above, I've got the next two days off school, so I'll be sure to post again very, very, soon!


PS: Re-reading this in 2012, in the wake of the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, all I can say is 'LOL'.