As I'm sure I've said before I am in the process of working out what exact foods I'm intolerant to, and at the moment I'm not eating gluten, lactose or fructose. This basically means pasta and bread are out unless I buy special stuff, dairy is out unless I buy special stuff, there are a heap of fruits and vegetables that are out, and three quarters of the supermarket is out, and by that I mean anything that contains things like 'wheat flour' or 'milk solids'.

So needless to say, my food intake has become a little less interesting than it was previously, and I've had to do a lot of my shopping at specific health food stores lately. Gluten free bread tastes like stale savoury cake, I've only been able to find about three flavours of ice cream I can eat, and I am sincerely missing my onions and garlic, but fortunately, I've found a chocolate cake mix that manages to relive my food woes in a single slice.

I sound like a lovesick teenager, but this cake is amazing. So yummy. Chocolately and gooey! It doesn't taste fake, which, believe me, is a rare occurrence in the gluten-lactose-and-fructose-free world.

So even if it turns out I'm intolerant to everything, it won't even matter because I'll still be able to eat this cake. That's how good it is.


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