Today I went to the city, and bought a pattern and some fabric for attempting the My Sunday Feeling inspired dress. I found a pattern for a dress that's got a halterneck kind of top, which I can sew the suffolk-puffs onto at the front, then its just got a thick fabric waistband and a gathered skirt. I bought coffee coloured 'double georgette' for the top and skirt, and burnt orange crushed velvet-y fabric for the waistband, then I plan on using gold, dark red, navy, dark green and light brown patterned fabrics for the suffolk-puffs.

But I won't get to making that dress for a while, I ran out of time to work on my tunic today, but tomorrow afternoon is free at the moment, so hopefully I'll get some work done then. It should be quite quick and easy after I've finished the neckline, so with any luck, I'll get it fairly close to finished.

In the photos above I'm wearing a vintage dress, my mum's bag and an old hat I got from a chain store several years ago.

I was also wearing a pair of kitten-heeled lace up ankle boots that I got made in Vietnam, which after looking at the photos I didn't put up, I've decided to be, to put it bluntly, fairly hideous. I've read in a number of places that kitten-heels make you leg muscles tense up and swell, and that they make you slump, and I have to say I agree. I think I've only worn the shoes one other time since I bought them in April last year, but I found them in my wardrobe the other day and decided to try wearing them today. But, I won't be again, they'll be going to a second hand shop where, maybe, they'll find an owner who loves them.

I sincerely dislike coming home and realising that the outfit I thought was Simply Amazing just Does Not Work, but live and let live I suppose. Next time I'll stick with those trusty ballet flats!