it's time.

Maybe it's the horrid weather making me feel as though the hot weather is over, maybe I'm just sick of seeing shorts-and-a-t-shirt-and-flip-flops everywhere I go; it might be the several magazines I've bought from the UK where it's currently winter, or it could just be me getting ahead of myself as usual. Either way, the fact remains: it's still the summer holidays and I'm already getting excited over winter clothing.

I suppose I should explain that I do prefer dressing in winter to dressing in summer. In summer it tends to get so hot that I find you just end up chucking on the lightest, shortest, most comfortable thing you can see, no matter what it looks like, whereas in winter, here in Brisbane the temperature is ten times more comfortable, so you can actually think about what you feel like wearing, and not worry that you're going to end up hyperventilating because you just had to add a scarf around your neck to finish the look (which is what I usually end up doing, I'm terrible at putting comfort before style...).

So it only figures that I'm getting excited, now that the autumn collections are starting to trickle into the shops. I don't like blindly following trends, because I think it looks a bit silly, but rather I like to take the approach of staying true to my personal style and what I know I'll wear, and buying a couple of things each season that I fall in love with, and hopefully, that results in me looking like I know what's happening in the fashion world, but am no slave to the chain stores.

Happily, a lot of the current trends are 100% in line with what I like, which makes buying clothes a breeze. Brogues, florals, neutrals, extreme hemlines, lace, satchels, and anything I can wear on my head, are all mainstays in my wardrobe.

(Yes, that is the Mulberry Alexa. No, I do not own it. Yes, I would dearly love to)

And, from what I've seen so far on the runways and in magazines and the such, there are some winter trends this year that I'll be looking at adding to my wardrobe, namely '70s style blouses and high waisted trousers, Mad Men type full skirts and shrunken knits, shearling aviator jackets and ankle boots, capes and Peter Pan collars. Of course, my winter list will change a hundred times before I actually buy anything, but there's my starting point, haha.  
This is my first attempt at using Polyvore as a means of displaying clothes, and even though it takes a while, I do quite like the way it looks. So all images in this post, made by me on Polyvore :)

So here are my questions to you: Do you shop by the trends or stick to your own thing? Are there any trends you are looking forward to trying in the next few months?