hippy headband.

I made this yesterday, and wore it today. The instructions were from the PS I Made This book, as you can see in the photos above, and all up, I'd estimate it took less than an hour to cut and make the flowers, plait the ribbon, and attach it all together.

And, here is the fabric we got in the mail the other day! The top two photos are 'Wee Woodlands' by Keiki for Moda, and the bottom three are Robert Kaufman 'Remix' & 'Urban Zoologie'. As for what I'm going to do with them, the plan at the moment is to make a small quilt, and some bunting to decorate my room, but I haven't decided which will be used for what yet...

In other crafty news, I also bought some fabric today to make another bag we've got a pattern for at home, and a 'schoolhouse tunic' pattern, which I still need to get fabric for, but that may have to wait until the flood water has gone down and I can get to the fabric shop in the city!