Hello all,

Sorry I didn't post during the week, I couldn't find an internet cafe, and I kind of ran out of time as well, haha. But, I'm back now, from my week at Byron Bay :)

We were really very lucky with the weather, expecting rain for most of the week, but we got four and a half good days of sun, and one rainy day to go into town and look at the shops! We were actually meant to go home today, but because the weather went so rotten, we left a day early, but no mind, 5 nights sleeping on a blow-up mattress is plenty for me!

All in all, it was a nice relaxing week, and it was great to go to the beach twice a day, as I usually only get there once a year :(

I actually felt pretty lazy and not like taking photos for a lot of the time, but I did go for a bit of a walk with my camera before we left, and I'm really glad I did. Most of the photos aren't anything special, just around where we stayed and whatnot, except for the photo of the two guys, they saw me taking photos and wanted theirs taken, haha!

Nothing else really to report, two weeks left of holidays, I can't decide if I want to go back to school or not... I'm looking for a new job, and have given up on only applying at places I'd like to work, and succumbed to sending my resume off to all the fast food places!

I found a great dress in Byron, kind of like a cape-dress-top-kaftan thing, and I was tempted to buy it, but after further inspection I decided it looked way to easy to make for $100, so I've added that to the My Sunday Feeling dress of things I want to make before school goes back. Hopefully I'll get into that tomorrow.

Over and out,

Eliza xxx