I hope you all had a fantastic 2010, and look forward to an even better 2011 :D

These photos were all taken on my new camera. It's a dream to use, so simple, and it takes amazing photos; I've been snapping away constantly for the past three days...

Most of the photos aren't of anything in particular, just generic things around the home like plants and my kitty-cat. A couple of them (the ones with blue sky, ha!) were taken up at Caloundra yesterday, from when my mum and I went to visit my grandad. 

Then there are the ones with the two bags and the hat, the black bag on the left dad and I got mum for Christmas, and the green one on the right is mine. They're both chip chop! and I adore them both! The straw hat I bought in sales and have been wearing everywhere. Then, there are the brogues I bought from General Pants in the sales, which I've also been wearing non-stop, because they are SO COMFORTABLE (and they also look really really really good!). 

Then at the bottom you have me being crafty, its been such miserable weather that I've been spending a lot of time indoors. There is a pink scarf that I made out of an old t-shirt that was truly quite hideous on me, and the necklace made out of denim, patches, chain, velvet and cord. Both pretty simple, and both out of the PS I Made This book I got for Christmas! :D

Tomorrow we are off to the beach for a week, I'll hopefully be able to get to an internet cafe to update a couple of times, but even if I don't, you can be sure that when I get back, there'll be a host of photos to share! Apparently, its not raining where we are going (I'm not going to say where I'm going till I get back home, internet safety, blah, blah, blah, you know?), so I'm hoping and praying for a week of decent weather!

Well, thats all from me, but one last time, HAPPY NEW YEAR!