Here's a sneak-peek of the bag I'm currently working on! I've just got the lining to go, so I'm hoping to get it finished, if not tomorrow, then Tuesday. It's from an Amy Butler pattern, although the actual pattern is quite old, as mum and I bought it a few years ago with the intention of making a bag each. Life got in the way, but we remembered it the other week :)

I took a bunch of photos of my cat and my old knitted (by my mum and grnadma!) toys as well, but they wouldn't load, which is probably lucky for you, I'm sure you're getting sick of looking at my cat, haha. But I'm terrified of taking my camera outside while the weathers so horrid, so for now she's the most interesting thing around my house, so she'll have to do :D

But I promise some interesting photos as soon as the rain stops!