I have the biggest girl crush on Miss Ella Yelich-O'Connor. Since 'Royals' hit the Triple J airwaves a couple of years ago, I've been partial to her haunting voice and seriously smart lyrics. I have only seen her perform live once - at Splendour a couple of years ago - but her stage presence made it a performance that has stayed with me. Following her rise to global mainstream success has been lovely to watch and it is brilliant to have yet another intelligent, young, female voice making waves around the world.

Lorde's bewitching style - both onstage and offstage - is fresh and unique, and her glorious curls and penchant for dark, dark lipsticks are a beauty look I've been known to emulate - Chi Chi Viva La Diva in Lady Bump is a matte dark purple that's inexpensive and long-wearing.