My magazine obsession has been well documented on this blog, so it's probably no surprise when I say that I have a difficult time storing my collection. My parents get really annoyed at my refusal to throw out any of my magazines, but I honestly couldn't. I love the feeling of the pages between my fingers. I love going back and reading old issues. I love how magazines record a time and feeling and I love recapturing that spark of inspiration each time I revisit. It's said that print is dying, but I think they'll always be a market for it because there is just something about holding and carrying and reading your very own copy of your favourite magazine.

I like to keep (some of) my magazines where I can see them, and that translates to their being stacked up on top of my bookshelf, spines out, with a couple of select trinkets perched on top. Russh is the biggest contributor to this pile, as the 'cool' magazine that's been with me the longest, as well as being a particular favourite (Fun Fact: I took my Russh with me to grade eight camp and people in my class laughed at me because it had 'naked people' in it. It's called fashun). But Lula, Oyster, Yen and INDIE have become regular-ish purchases, alongside sneaky finds that creep into my collection when I've got a bit of spare cash.

I like keeping some of my coffee table books stacked as well. I don't really have room to put them out, but they're so pretty that it would be a shame to not show them off.

How do you store magazines? I have plenty more where these come from so ideas will make me a happy gal indeed!