top - cotton on
pants - zara
sandals - windsor smith
belt - vintage
bag - mulberry

I bought these Prada-esque Zara pants on almost our very last day in San Francisco last year. I didn't wear them much, which is a bit of a shame, because these prints are finally starting to pop up everywhere in Australia. They're quite a bit too big for me, actually, but very comfortable regardless, so I plan on making the most of them, now that I've finally realised their potential.

These clunky sandals are also making me very happy at the moment. I've never been big on sandals, so I'm very happy to have found a pair that seemingly go with every outfit. They've barely been off my feet!

Anyway, I've just been lazing around the house over the weekend, so I'll leave it at that. I'm watching The Nun's Story at the moment, nothing like a good Audrey Hepburn movie to round out a super slack Sunday.