t-shirt - cotton on
pants - verge elizabeth arcade
belt - vintage
cuff - ELSAESSER from QUT fleet store
bag - cotton on

Was not feeling my hair/face/body this morning at all, so the only thing to do was throw on a bunch of staples and a couple of pops of neon colour and hope for the best. Definitely not a groundbreaking outfit post, but this blog is meant to reflect what I actually wear, so there's that.

How depressing was that?

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I've been doing some casual work at Cotton On over Christmas, so yesterday I took the opportunity to pick up a few things with my insanely good staff discount - a massive bunch of plain t-shirts, a khaki anorak and this little black bag. Not a bad haul for what I paid. I am trying to save money at the moment (more on what I'm saving for at a later date - it deserves its own post) so I am trying to 'shop smart'. I have such an overload of printed pieces/high waisted skirts/girly blouses, so I'm trying to avoid any more of that and build up a collection of staples. I suppose one of my 'style resolutions' for the year is to experiment with dressing a little more minimalistic. I love bright colours and prints (as is evident in even a basic outfit like above), but I do really love simpler and sleeker looks in neutral tones, so I have been trying a little bit of that within my own outfits. I'm sure you'll see outfit post evidence of that soon!

Anyway, I'll put an end to that outpouring of meaningless babble and just wish you all a very good week!


Song of the Day: Two Fingers - Jake Bugg