In November I put up a little bit of a playlist of the music that I had been listening to non-stop, and while it didn't get a huge reaction, I decided to persist, because music is something that I really am passionate about, and I do enjoy sharing the things I listen to! I hope you enjoy this 'playlist', it's really a bit of everything. I was going to write some crappy paragraph about how lately I've been listening to strong female vocals/stuff that's a little '80s' inspired/this/that/whatever, but it sounded so pretentious that I deleted it. What I have been listening to though, is heaps of stuff from 2012, as I try to decide what to include in my Triple J Hottest 100 votes! Are there any Australians out there voting too? What are you voting for? I want to know.

Rich People Are Stupid - Ball Park Music

I will be definitely be voting for Coming Down or Surrender in the Hottest 100, but lately I've been playing this song from Ball Park Music's first album Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs, on repeat. It's so fun, I love it.

All Of Me - Tanlines

Only discovered this duo very recently but their stuff is fantastic. This is one of my favourite songs of theirs. Skip to 49 sec for start of song!

November Skies (feat. Nina Kinert) - Tomas Barfod

Again, this was a pretty recent discovery but this is currently my favourite song to listen to while running. It's kinda trance-like.

The Best We Got - The Rubens

The Rubens win all the awards for everything because they're perfect.

& It Was U - How To Dress Well

I was scared to listen to this for quite a while because it starts with a symbol but I'm glad I did because it doesn't sound like the kind of song that starts with a symbol.

Boys Of Summer - Custom Kings (Don Henley cover)

I love a little Don Henley/the Eagles (Take It Easy was my ultimate jam for a good few months at the age of thirteen) but this cover is so good and it makes me feel cool when I listen to it.

Don't Save Me - Haim

I have a lot of love for Haim. This song will definitely be in my Hottest 100 votes, too.

Rocket - Goldfrapp

Can't believe I only just discovered Goldfrapp. I have been listening to The Singles album a lot lately. I want to be Alison Goldfrapp when I grow up!

All Your Gold - Bat For Lashes

After falling in love with Laura, earlier this year, I bought myself Bat For Lashes' album The Haunted Man. There are some amazing songs on it.

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe found something that you hadn't heard before.