This morning I was re-reading issue eight of LOVE magazine and enjoyed my flick-through so much that I decided to take a few photos and share them! I usually don't purchase LOVE because it is so expensive and I am so poor, but when I saw that there was an article and photoshoot with the Downton Abbey cast, I couldn't go past it! Downton Abbey is one of my favourite new shows, and I know it has now been around for a little while, but my mum and I only recently watched the first and second series on DVD! The third series is also available on DVD here, but it hasn't actually aired yet (weird?) so we are waiting until February when it will air on television. I love everything - the story-line, the cast and characters, the amazing costumes! It's very addictive!

Anyway, I was not meant to go off on a Downton Abbey rant, but there you go! I really adore LOVE because of the amazing fashion and photography, and the interesting and intelligent articles. It's a great read! And oh-so full-to-the-brim of content, so it's a good way to while away a lazy holiday morning.

Hope you are all have a wonderful week!


Song of the Day: All Of Me - Tanlines