t-shirt - thrifted
cardigan - verge elizabeth arcade
pants - verge elizabeth arcade
brogues - topshop
bag - vintage

I've attended three lectures so far and am really enjoying university so far. I spent this morning reading over my marketing notes from last week and in preparation for next week, which probably sounds really boring, but I think it feels nice to be actually learning stuff again after such a long break! Are most of my readers in uni?

I actually wore this last week but didn't get a chance to post it. Because my camera remote is lame I can't take photos by myself but I'm going to try and get my mama to take some photos of my first-day-of-uni outfit on the weekend. Because that was obviously the most important part of the first day!

Anyway, I have to go watch a movie for my scriptwriting unit, so I hope you are all having a great week whether you're at uni, school, working or spending your time on some other exciting pastime!