plenty of reading material

lipstick, mascara and perfume

headbands, a headscarf and a necklace

the 'essentials': sunnies, a pen, lip balm and my phone

my lovely red wallet

trusty ipod

my lovely vintage baby
 I thought that a 'what's in my bag?' post was in order seeing as I haven't done one yet.

There's really nothing too special, I'm afraid, but I think that's part of the fun with these posts - seeing the boring, everyday, items that people use!

So, let's go:

  • Wallet (Status Anxiety) - I won this beautiful red leather wallet from a giveaway on Soph's blog. It smells perfectly delectable.
  • My iPod - Fairly self-explanatory, a saviour on public transport! 
  • Sunglasses (Sportsgirl) - I bought these recently and love them. 
  • Make-up - Chanel lipstick, Clinique mascara and Fragonard perfume.
  • Phone - Yay, I'm a standard teenager, attached to my phone.
  • Pen - Engraved with my name, this was a present for finishing school from my parents.
  • Headscarf and ties - When you have hair as wild as mine, these are fairly important.
  • Necklace - I picked this up at the market. It's super.
  • Magazines - Bulky but worth it.
Some of the CD's that I ordered a few weeks ago arrived today, which is really exciting. One Night Only, I Blame Coco, The Like, Vanessa Paradis and Charlie McDonnell (because I'm a YouTube dork). Bowie got thrown into the photo because he's a recent addition to the CD collection.

This post has way too much text for my liking.