hello spring.

top - dug up from the depths of my wardrobe
pants - wind and water designs
scarf - witchery
ballet flats - diana ferrari 
hat - dotti

I love these pants. They're lovely and light, so they're perfect for spring days when you're not quite sure if it's going to be warm or cool. And so comfortable.

I have my formal in exactly two weeks. I've kind of been saving that 'news' for sometime when I don't really have anything else to write... and I think that time is now. It's at a really lovely location, but I can't tell you where, of course, stranger danger and whatnot. But it's really nice and I can't wait to show you photos! I bought my dress ages ago and was a bit worried I'd get bored of it before the formal but I just locked it away in my cupboard and haven't looked at it, so I'm still happy with it. We have to dance, like, proper dancing. We had out first 'dance lesson' yesterday at school which was surprisingly fun. I guess it's a bit like you get out what you put in, so why not enjoy it? Anyway, I know all that information is of no relevance to you, but I'm getting kind of excited, so I thought I'd share :D

Have a lovely weekend!

And, yes, I'm still extremely busy with school. Wahhhh!